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Do It For Him by SayuriChou Do It For Him :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 2 0 Code Red by SayuriChou Code Red :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 0 0 The Kirkland Sisters by SayuriChou The Kirkland Sisters :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 4 0
Shy!Reader x Hetalia - New Girl (Russia's Ending)
You glanced down only to see a gloved hand on your shoulder. You could feel as your muscles tensed, knowing exactly who it was and he snuggled his big nose into your neck. Without saying any words, Ivan slowly absorbed you into his being. As you screamed and tried to free yourself, you heard a chuckle escape his lips, “Become one.”
And then it all went black.
:iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 8 9
Shy!Reader x Hetalia - New Girl (Francis' Ending)
“Ma chérie… Please, don’t cry,” Francis said warmly as he pulled you backwards into his chest. You let out a small whimper as he shushed you.
As he stroked your hair in the empty hallway, you felt a sense of calm come over you. Typically, you weren’t too big on people touching you, but this was different. You didn’t know if you had feelings for the frenchman or not, but he was kind of like an older brother to you in a lot of ways. As your tears let up, you turned around in Francis’ grasp and put your head on his chest.
“I’m sorry, F-Francis. You didn’t need to come after me, I would’ve been fine on my own,” you said, knowing it wasn’t entirely true.
“Ouais, I know, I just wanted to check on you… I care about you,” he replied, smiling down at you. “And, you know, that little thing that happened back there? That was really cute. You don’t need to be embarrassed by it at all. I
:iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 13 6
The Struggle of Walking with Kyle by SayuriChou The Struggle of Walking with Kyle :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 0 0 Me by SayuriChou Me :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 2 0 Me by SayuriChou Me :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 0 9 Band Nerd by SayuriChou Band Nerd :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 1 0 Gem doodles by SayuriChou Gem doodles :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 2 0 More mermaids by SayuriChou More mermaids :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 1 4 Nyup nyup by SayuriChou Nyup nyup :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 1 0
Hey, for y'all that didn't know- I'm on hiatus until further notice.
I love all of you that still read my old fanfics, and subscribe, and favourite and all, but I just have a lot going on, I'm way too busy, and honestly, I don't really watch Hetalia religiously anymore. Or at all really. I still like it, but not as much as I used to.
I hope you all understand.
If you are interested in my art, though, I do have an art blog:
I would be grateful to anyone who follows me, and you guys are all great. Maybe someday I'll finish those fanfics, but they're pretty cliche, you can probably figure out where I was going with them.
:iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 1 2
Genderbent....2 by SayuriChou Genderbent....2 :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 1 0 Genderbent....1 by SayuriChou Genderbent....1 :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 5 2 Babies :3 by SayuriChou Babies :3 :iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 2 0


Do It For Him

I put this in my savings/monthly expenses page of my bullet journal. I like the original paper sketch of it, but this was fun to do (I spent the day watching videos on how to use SAI because I didn't even know how to use layers ^^; ).

You guys can use this if you want, just give me credit and tell me where you use it because I wanna see! It was originally meant to be a sticker for notebooks and wallets and stuff.

Save your money now, kids. Before college. Please. I have to save up $9k in 8 months.
Code Red… <- based on that commercial

I just found my tablet and decided to mess around with this old doodle...

I say"mess around," but tbh, this took a loooooooooooooong time.

Oh well

Have some of my imaginary family
tagged by :iconkilala1049:

1. Write the rules
2. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tag you, and make your own 13 questions
3. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!
4. Make sure that they know that they are tagged
5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this..."
6. Tag backs are allowed
7. If you're lazy, do it in the comments of this journal
8. You don't have to accept a tag if you don't want to
  1. Do you like school? 
It depends. Love learning, hate the education system in place. Marching band makes it all worthwhile, though.
  1. hard candy or chewy candy?
Chewy, but I have braces, so that's a no-no
  1. Favorite Youtube person?
  1. Have you read the Percy Jackson Series?
My mom read me the first three when I was 7ish, didn't like them
  1. Who is your OTP?
Lams. No doubt.
  1. do you have a demon side?
  1. are you insane?
  1. Mashed potatoes or Mac and cheese?
  1. McD or Taco Bell?
Taco Bell, even though I could get real Mexican food really easily
  1. Best moment in your life?
Literally anytime I go to Disneyland
  1. Worst moment in your life?
When my grandma died
  1. Who would you save a Crazy person or a insane person?
Crazy, I suppose
  1. who is the most annoying person you know?
My ex-best friend who pisses me off just by looking at her

My Questions for anyone who wants to do this - I'm not tagging people:
1. What do you want to pursue in college?
2. Play any instruments? If so, which one(s)?
3. Favorite class this year (if out of school, what was your favorite class in school)?
4. Favorite musical?
5. Favorite music genre?
6. Favorite Disney princess?
7. Watch Anime? What was your first one?
8. What's your binge-watching record?
9. Candles or Diffusers?
10. Composition or spiral notebooks?
11. Favorite founding daddy?
12. Least favorite class you've ever had?
13. What got you onto dA? 

  • Listening to: London Bridge, by Fergie
  • Reading: East of Eden
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Eating: Chicken Alfredo
  • Drinking: My Tears


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~Elizabeth Kirkland~
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Hi~ My name is Elizabeth (or Lizz). I enjoy drawing and writing, but am not the best at it. I also am a bookworm.

Art Blog:
My tumblr: avoiding-my-life-again.tumblr.…
My Youtube:…

☐ Taken
☐ Single
✔ Married to Arthur Kirkland

People I know in "real life" (whatever that is):

Online friends (who are very awesome!):

My Brother: :iconjaykoboy:
My Cousin: :icontheslightlymadhatter:


Black Lace Requests - FRIENDS ONLY by iDaphodil


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