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November 3, 2012
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‘Nope.’ Click. ‘Nope.’ Click. ‘Boring.’ Click. ‘Oh! This looks go- ewww! Who puts that on TV?! Whatever…’ with that thought, you shut off the TV. There was nothing on as usual. ‘Maybe I could call Arthur…’ you glanced at the phone sitting next to you on the couch right as it started ringing. What a coincidence! You giggled as you grabbed the phone that just-so-happened to be playing ‘I’m a Little Teapot’. Okay, more like you set that as your friend’s ringtone.  You hit the little green ‘answer’ button and held the phone up to your ear.

“Hi Arthur!” you said to the Brit.

“Have you changed my ringtone yet?” you could just imagine the grimace he was making on the other side of the phone.

“Umm… That’s classified! Anyways, did you call JUST to ask that?”

“No- I’m not an idiot!”

“Then why did you call?”

“I wanted to know if you could come over for tea later,”

“Sure! I’m bored out of my mind right now as it is!” you lazily fell off of the couch and rolled onto your back.

“Okay… wait, what was that noise?”

“I fell off of the couch! Why?” you could hear him face-palm on the other end.

“Never mind… Can you be here in ten minutes?” you quickly observed your messy, pajama clad body and then estimated how long it would take you to walk to Arthur’s house that was just a few blocks away.

“Can I have fifteen?”

“Sure, I’ll see you in twenty minutes!” and with that, he hung up.

You hung up the phone and placed it on the ground next to you. ‘Wait… I said fifteen… he said twenty-ARTHUR!’ you were so telling him off when you got to his house. Just because you were late sometimes doesn't mean you're always late, right?! Maybe instead of yelling at him, you would just leave a bit earlier than usual.

You went to your room and put on a rather nice, but still pretty casual outfit and pulled your hair up into a high and clean ponytail. Glancing at the clock, you saw that you still had ten minutes until you had to be at Arthur's house. 'Maybe I can just check up deviant art before I leave...' your gaze fell on the laptop sitting on your desk. You decided that you would check up really quickly.

As hurriedly as you could, you punched in you username, password, and went straight to your messages. Seeing if there was anything somewhat interesting, you clicked through them. Nothing. Five minutes had passed, and it took five minutes to get to the British boy's house. 'Oh, I have to leave now!' you thought in surprise.

Running to the living room, you grabbed your bag that had your sketchbook, pencils, a reading book, your cell phone, and iPod all inside. Arthur always loved seeing your art, even if it wasn't always that good. You grabbed your shoes and made a mad dash to Arthur's house.

Stopping one house away from the mansion, you tugged on you shoes and caught your breath. You check the time- you were two minutes before the set time. 'Ha! Shows him!' wait until you saw the look on his face when you were there on time- no scratch that-when you were there early.

You approached the large house and rang the doorbell. You heard what sounded like books being dropped and then a pair of feet descending stairs. The oak door was swung open to reveal a surprised (and out of breath) looking Brit.

"Y-you're here... on time!!!" he said in a shocked voice.

"What did you expect?" you threw back at him.

"For you to be-" obviously changing his mind on what he was saying next, he opened the door widely and gestured for you to enter. "Never mind, come in," you walked inside and marveled once again in the beauty of the house. It was a huge mansion, and had a spiral staircase leading to the second and third stories. You had come here many times before, but it was always strikingly beautiful whenever you saw it.

"Come along, Love, this way," you looked at the blonde who had paused halfway up the staircase. You nodded and ran to catch up with him as he ascended.

As you reached the Library, you once more stared around in awe. This was definitely your favourite room in the whole house. It was located on the left side of the house, and the room had at least four windows that let the afternoon light strike the polished bookshelves. Next to the windows were a few plush chairs and a table with a few open books on it. Arthur was clearly cleaning before you got here, because he closed these books, put them on the shelf, and then tended to a pile of books on the other side of the room. You giggled at his discombobulated actions.

“Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you to be here… early…” he kind of spat out the word ‘early’, causing you to frown. But, of course, you just brushed it off. It was Arthur Kirkland you were talking about- nearly everything upsets him!

“It’s okay, I don’t really mind that much,” you watched him as he put another book away. “Do you want any help?”

“No, Love, it’s fine- I’ve got it.” He kept putting the books away before he looked up at you. “You can sit down you know,” you nodded and sat down in the chair sitting opposite the one you knew he would choose. Not long after, he put away the last book and walked over to you. “Sorry for making you wait- I’ll go get the tea,” with that he walked back downstairs. You kind of felt guilty for not doing anything to help him, but he would most likely not let you help if you asked.

After patiently waiting for a couple of minutes, you heard footsteps clumsily making their way into the room. Hearing the door open, you turned around in your seat, and saw the British boy trying to balance a tray on his hands with a cat weaving between his feet.

“Go away Teacup! Bad girl!” he scolded the little gray and white kitten as it continued rubbing its head on his legs. It was quite a sight- the usually gentleman-like boy trying to get a six month old cat away from his feet.

“Do you want my help now?” you giggled as you stood up and removed the little cat away from his feet. The cat almost instantly cuddled into your chest and started purring. “Who’s a good little girl? You are! You are!” you cooed as Arthur put down the tray.

“Yes-‘good’- because trying to kill me is such a good thing!” Arthur spat out.

“Well, she’s cute and sweet, so she’s a good girl!” you said as you pet Teacup. Arthur just rolled his eyes and sat down in the chair across from the one you had been sitting in.

"Well, the tea is ready, so please just sit down," he said exasperatedly .

"All right, mister grumpy-pants!" Still holding the cat, you walked over to your seat and sat down. Seeing as you visited for tea quite often, Arthur had already poured a cup for you and one for himself. He also brought along extra teabags and hot water for more tea. You took the teacup that had been placed on your side of the tray- you figured it wasn't Arthur's because he was already drinking his. You blew cold air over the hot tea  before you took a sip. He had gotten the measurements of the cream and sugar perfectly, but there was something off about the taste. It had a basil-like taste laced in with the other flavours of the drink. Before you could question what he had done differently with the tea, your vision turned black and your mind went blank.

~To be continued!!!!~
Yay! I was supposed to have this up on Thursday!!!! Oh well!!!!!!

I really like this story. You see, with the 'New Girl' series, I wasn't as excited about the story, so I lost interest pretty quickly (now you see why I haven't written new endings- but I am still working on them!!). With this... I know exactly where I'm going with it. I know that the story line is a bit cliche, but in this- wait- I can't tell you because it'll ruin the story!!!!! (you can probably figure it out though)

Please tell me if you notice any mistakes. Also, if you know of a picture that would make a good preview picture, please leave a comment with a link to it!~

So the house looks something like this: [link]
The library something like this:[link]
And Teacup (the cat) looks like this (but it's a kitten): [link]

Chapter One: :reading:
Chapter Two: [link]
Chapter Three: [link]
Chapter Four: [link]
Chapter Five: ... Crazies...

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconrussiarapefaceplz:
Story (c) :iconsayurichou:
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